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What’s hiding under that shell?

I’m still singing these lines in my mind, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours, everything I have for Your Kingdom’s cause

and wondering what might cause the little hesitation within, that tiny catch of fear, when I consider the implication of these words.

The inner struggle can be paralyzing, “What do I have to give? What can I do in the face of such immense needs?”

But, this morning I read the parable of the talents  and in that passage I am reminded that it is everything I have – not everything I don’t have – or anything that someone else has,

but just what He has given me.

A sigh of relief! I give what I have to give.

And yet, even that is a challenge – to live generously – intentionally looking to invest the gifts He has given, for His Kingdom’s cause.

Eugene Petersen, in The Message, words the Master’s reply to the servant who buried his talents, this way: “It’s criminal to live cautiously like that!” v.26

In verse 28 the servant is called a “play-it-safe, who won’t go out on a limb”.

Ouch! That hits home. I know I live cautiously. Too often, I play it safe even with the gifts I know I possess – let alone the ones that might emerge if I dared to look under that shell.

So here’s my recommitment this morning: to use what He has given me – to be more adventurous for Him – to take a risk for His Kingdom’s cause – to come to Him in prayer, with a heart wide open like Mary’s, willing to be used in whatever way He calls me.

How about you?

Photo credit Rinda Dean 


8 thoughts on “What’s hiding under that shell?

  1. I haven’t been to your site for a long time, but remembered tonight that I always am encouraged by what I read, or at very least, blessed by your beautiful pictures. So I visited again.Tonight this post perfectly spoke to my grief today of not being able to "measure up" to the new crop of singers doing new worship songs that don’t quite suit the vocal styling I’ve been given. Fear of fading away…Thank you for speaking God’s truth to my heart and encouraging me to use what I have.


  2. I think that part of the lesson is that when we give, we experience joy and that joy is just a little glimpse into the Father’s heart about how much Joy he receives from seeing his children being generous!


  3. "To live generously"–yes, this is what I’ve been hearing too, about how I live in my own home! I can be so selfish. Sometimes I’m more willing to give of myself on the larger scale than in the day-to-day. I listened to the song–it’s beautiful! I can see why it has stuck with you. So glad the conference was so renewing!Jeanne


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