Christmas, faith, family

I’m having a little trouble . . .

nativity.jpgkeeping the camera


in this close-up

of our

Nativity scene.

It’s not just a camera problem.  Sometimes, I have trouble keeping my heart focused.

I love this beautiful time of year.

But, if you’re a mom, you understand. I have 5 almost  grown children, a sweet daughter-in law, a brand new fiancé and girlfriends who are just like member of the family and don’t you just want to give them the best Christmas ever?? Special family times, good food for the body and for the soul,  Advent calendars and candlelight, snow-crunch walks, fun, stories, laughter, red and green sprinkled sugar cookies, Christmas Eve service and carols by the fire? That perfect gift? Sometimes  I overdo and lose the focal point.


Most times I overdo.


Quench Your Busy Thirsty Soul

This devotional helped. Take time to read it.

I’m glad I did.

Thanks Suzanne.


How do you keep your focus during Christmas? 


4 thoughts on “I’m having a little trouble . . .

  1. Probably it is a matter of focusing and then refocusing. Just like a camera operator has to check the camera when they want a picture from a different perspective. We can focus on so many aspects of the Christmas story and then remind ourselves in the middle of the busy times to refocus on practical worship as we go to the activities and entertain etc.


  2. It is sometimes hard to stay focused on the real meaning of this season. O Holy Night is one of my favorites. It was the first Christmas Carol I learned to play on the piano :)xo


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