snowing.gifOutside my kitchen window, the first snow is falling gently.

The spruce branches are covered with a blanket of white.

Yesterday, the bare garden was rock-hard and angular.

This morning all the sharp edges are rounded and soft. 

And the quiet! Such a deep stillness.  A perfect beginning for the Advent season. 

Tomorrow we will light the first candle  – HOPE.

Britt-Arnild is hosting an Advent gathering today. Bloggers are sharing their Advent reflections, and as a hostess gift, their favourite Christmas books.

I will leave you with two of my favourites: Pearl S Buck’s Book of Christmas – a favourite compilation of Christmas stories and The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden – a sweet  Christmas doll story. 

Drop over to Britt-Arnild’s and be blessed.


6 thoughts on “Dec 1st . . .

  1. Britt – Arnhild – it’s a compilation of Christmas stories – not actually written by Pearl S Buck – just chosen.They’re enjoyable. Thanks Lovella and Susanne – it took me far too long…I’m not that techie.I just keep fooling around until it looks ok.Violet – I’ve heard about the weather out your way!!! 70 cm of snow!! So unusual for the west coast.It’s so good to see your name Susie – I’m keeping you and your family – esp your Grandpa in my prayers. *hugs*


  2. Susie says:

    Your site looks just beautiful. We lit the first advent candle yesterday at Sunday dinner with our daughter and her family. Thanks for your sweet comments. For now, I’m just doing a few visits here and there (no posting)xo


  3. violet says:

    It looks lovely and Christmassy here. It feels Christmassy where we live. It has been snowing all day and everything is white. It’s supposed to rain later but for now, winter has certainly arrived and I need to dig out the decorations.


  4. Susanne says:

    I love your Christmas "decorating". How lovely to come here and be all Christmasy.


  5. Lovella says:

    Hi Kathie, Beautiful decorating on your blog for the advent season. I’ll pop over to see the books and the advent party too.


  6. The first snow. How geart.This is a Perl S. Buck I haven’t read. I will look for it.


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