Snow days . . .

Britt-Arnhild laments that there are no snowdays in Norway

 a fire in the hearth, hot chocolate, books, an opera on the cd player……instead of struggling in the snow morning and afternoon, I am told that other places around the
world have such snowdays….


I don’t like to gloat 

But we’ve just had two in 4 days!

The house was so quiet and peaceful. I was tucked up under a cozy blanket in my reading chair. The tea kettle was singing on the stove. The kids were watching a movie in the family room.

But then

the power went off … 

Storms + power = fun
Storms power =  not quite so much fun

We were prepared.

It’s not unusual to lose power when you live on an Island.

We had buckets of water, a charged flashlight, an oil lamp and candles – and plenty to eat.

And  we enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s like living in simpler, pioneer days. I always imagined myself living in “Little House” times …

The family gathered around the fire.

The lovely glow of lamplight and candles –  soft and inviting.

So quiet – no constant electrical humming noises

No computers, no tv, no showers, no flush toilets …


 Back up.

No showers and no flush toilets??

That’s when the novelty wears dangerously thin.

Yup, after 28 hours of no power and melting snow to flush toilets, I am not entertaining any romantic  “Little House” dreams.

I’m on the edge of cranky.    

Around 4 this afternoon, I heard a sudden noise – a sputter and then a low, lovely mechanical hum – fridge and pump!

It didn’t take Roger and I but 5 minutes before we had the dishwasher, washer, and dryer joining in the chorus.

And my 17 yr old daughter is still enjoying a long, hot shower.

And I’m on my laptop, writing to you 

And I’m glad.

I guess I’m not pioneer stock.



8 thoughts on “Snow days . . .

  1. Oh how I understand the joy of that hum being heard after a few days without power and a hot shower! I’m so glad you are re-connected!! I love your snowy collage! blessings.


  2. Thanks Lovella! It’s a relief!Susie, without power we have no running water. And we didn’t have enough water ahead of time to keep the toilets flushing.We didn’t expect such a long power outage. It’s pretty simple to fill a bucket with snow, bring it in and then melt it by the stove. Just a bit of a nuisance 🙂


  3. I also love the "Little House" concept, but I do enjoy my modern conveniences. Now just out of curiosity why do your toilets not flush when the power goes off? Glad to hear you’re safe and sound. A large storm also hit the Pacific coast, but not near us..xo


  4. I’m not sure how to spell this but "fewf". I so wondered if you were okay. We saw your storm on TV news and I thought to myself. . .I hope that little sparrow is Okay. If I would have known your pioneer conditions I would have felt so bad. I’ll know for next time.I do love power outages within reason.I’m glad you are up and running with running water for your "water closet".


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