Full house . .

My travelling boys are home. And one more will be heading here from the UK on Christmas Eve.

All four brothers and the little sister, plus daughter-in-law, fiancé, girlfriends and many friends.

Food, fun, laughter, games, noise, crazy antics – and lots and lots of music!

Speaking of music, the boys’ latest video is on Youtube now. 


(Don’t forget to turn off my Christmas harp music)


9 thoughts on “Full house . .

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks girls!! Susanne you can buy their first CD at some music stores across Canada. Also you can download it at Chucky Danger Myspace. There should be some music stores with it out your way – they’ve toured out there several times. But not the new one – it hasn’t been officially released yet.


  2. Oh how fantastic. When I clicked on the video link it wasn’t available but I’ll check back later. I so enjoyed watching the last one you posted.Have a wonderful time!!!!


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks Ellen – You can order their first CD through Itunes. Their second one isn’t officially released yet. It should be available soon though.


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