faith, prayer

of lists . . .

list.JPGThis morning I was thinking about the requests I was bringing to the Lord. The list was long. A little overwhelming.

But it struck me that what I wanted most of all was just Him – His presence – His company – His friendship.

This simplifies everything. Seek Him first. Find Him. Be centered in Him. Everything else is way down on the list. 


7 thoughts on “of lists . . .

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Dear J, I’m praying for you. That He will come to you right in the middle of your suffering with His healing Presence, comfort,and peace. Send me an email if you would like. I have some experience with this too.


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    I dropped over to your place Lovella – what fun!! My daughter-in-law’s brother’s wife (can you follow that??) just had identical girl triplets!! Can you imagine?


  3. Oh Kathie I couldn’t agree more. Often times I just think that if the Lord gives me his prescence and his peace the rest will all work out.Blessings . . I know you already visited once today but I’ve posted since and I didn’t want you to miss.


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