fun, fun, fun!


my new camera – given with love by my children and hubby. They were so excited to see me open it on Christmas morning!

I already have a great teacher  – Dr. RD! đŸ™‚

and the most beautiful landscape to capture on film.

Can you recommend a good online photography site?

I am looking forward to learning!


7 thoughts on “fun, fun, fun!

  1. Hi Kathie–I got a new camera too! I didn’t want it until my birthday, next week, but my husband brought it home in early December and HE’S been playing with it. And I’m so glad, cause I feel a little intimidated! I’ve been telling him not to try to teach me anything till after the holidays. :)So let us know if you find a good site! I did bookmark this one once:http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/Wishing you many beautiful images in 2008–Jeanne


  2. Oh how fun. I too am looking foward to your new pictures. I also agree that you should take pictures every day and just play with the different settings. I feel like I’m back at square one with my new camera too. I would love to learn from your tutor. Wow, that would be amazing.


  3. Oh! How wonderful! Many people like Ilovephotography.comI have found it a little too busy (meaning cluttered)Flickr is a great place to learn and share.Scott Kelby writes very readable books.Have a wonderful time learning and snapping away.My advice (not that you asked for it) is take pictures every day :o)


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