Snacking Sensations

A very simple and crowd-pleasing snack

  • Slice 1 inch rounds of baguette
  • Spread with cream cheese
  • Spread a Tbsp of bruschetta on each round
  • Bake in hot oven until bottom of baguette rounds are lightly browned

and the snack food pièce de résistance, which was enjoyed every Saturday night by my husband’s family while they were gathered around the TV to watch Hockey Night in Canada – but would work equally well for Super Bowl!

Lobster Rolls


Mix canned (or fresh if you have it) lobster with mayo and celery, place in toasted roll. Serve with chips, pickles and pop!

Check out more mouth-watering snacks at


and enter to win one of 13 cookbooks. Thanks to Pensieve for hosting this month’s recipe Round-up.

Prelude to Friday date night!

Happy weekend everyone!  


30 thoughts on “Snacking Sensations

  1. carole says:

    Beautiful site, restful music,and yummy sounding recipes.What island are you from?.Forgive my ignorance,I come from northern British Columbia Canada


  2. Thanks for the new ideas for Appy’s. With the big football game coming up next Sunday, it will be good to introduce some new ones.They are simple, but fun to nibble on. I’m going to try the lobster dish


  3. I love lobster rolls and your recipe is perfect! Simple, very simple and oh, so good!Your background is gorgeous and the music also. I generally don’t like music on other people’s pages but yours is very lilting and goes with the photos in your header.Very nice.


  4. That sounds so good. I love lobster. I very seldom get any. I have never bought it canned but I think I will try it. I buy canned crab meat and it’s great for crab cakes and wontons. I have a very good recipe that uses packaged salmon and it is delicious. 😀


  5. Thank you so much for joining in this month (your blog is beautiful, btw). Both of these recipes are simple and sound WONDERFUL! I am sooo hungry right now (having skipped breakfast and it being well into the lunch hour :/), and I would LOVE to try either one of these or BOTH.It’s nice to have traditions with regard to special recipes…I like that part of Super Bowl parties :).


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