Gems . . .

 I don’t own this book but I’ve taken it out so many times from the library that I feel as if I do.

The World of Trisha Romance 

American born, but currently living in Ontario, Trisha Romance is one of Canada’s best-selling artists. Her paintings reveal her love of family, home and the simple moments of life.

“Heart and Soul”

 I love to study her paintings – they capture so perfectly the everyday beauty and rhythm of family life from bath-time to afternoon walks to evenings around the fire.

“Hand in Hand”

Her commentaries on each painting are a pleasure to read… 

“It was a rare and perfect night when icicles formed and cascaded from every cave and window ledge. What a time of great collecting and sword making!
There was something about that old root cellar door that sloped a path right up to our kitchen window. It had a magnetic attraction that could even distract our Nathan from a magical night of sword collecting!
It was from that vantage point that our little ones could see what was cooking for dinner or what cookies were coming from the oven… but I knew all too well what my dear little ones were really looking for! It wasn’t until I went to the window and put my hand against there, that they were content to then be on their way and take a slide back down the old root cellar door!
It was a window forever covered in handprints… no matter how many times it was wiped clean the memories could never be washed away!”

– Trisha Romance


This book also includes some of her preliminary sketches which I’ve enjoyed drawing.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
In an interview with  Trisha Romance says

I’ve always said I paint the best moments of motherhood and daily life.  They are those moments when you say ‘this is what it is all about.’  These are the gem moments.  No child is perfect all the time.  My first baby was colicky, my second was a ball of fire and my third was this amazing perfect baby.  But my life is not perfect.  What I’ve done is painted the gems.

Pour a steaming hot cup of  tea, sit back in your easy chair and enjoy a virtual view of her books.


290 thoughts on “Gems . . .

  1. You know that scene where Anne tries to dye her hair from red to black? I spent most of my childhood trying to convince my mother to let me dye mine from black to red!I have such fond memories of the first two movies – my mother (now passed on) gave them to me as an early teen and I’m actually in the process now of trying to convince my very-non-Anne-loving husband to allow me to spend $120 (Australian) to buy the DVD trilogy. It’s not working!But this pack would be a lovely substitute!Cheers,Lizzie


  2. Oh how we love Anne. My Mom has been to PEI and so loved it. We hope to be there someday soon…What a sweet giveaway! Thank you for being a part of this. I am meeting all sorts of new people and reading new blogs and loving it! I have everyone new bookmarked so I can return easily! : ) I was away from the computer last week so have missed out having my own giveaway. : ( I will have one for Valentine’s Day though!Hugs,Sue


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