little friend . . .


  •  loves walks
  • loves to be patted
  • loves to sit under the piano bench while I play
  • loves to sit by the computer when I’m on
  • loves to lay on the end of my bed (when Roger is not around) 
  • loves to lay on her little bed right beside my chair
  • loves us


Note the paw … it means “Keep rubbing”

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers yesterday.  I have a genetic heart condition which has a very long name – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – which basically means a weak heart muscle. So I head in to the hospital on a regular basis for all sorts of heart tests. The treadmill stress test is not my favourite. I am very easily winded and it’s particularly uncomfortable for me. It’s good to have over.  Today I’m in for an echogram. That’s an easy one!


7 thoughts on “little friend . . .

  1. Sophie looks SO much like my doggie, Sue, who is mostly border collie, freckled on the legs, and is much the same shape and size as your dog. She adores me too. Isn’t it great fun to be so adored and loved, unconditionally?Jody


  2. Hope the test went well. Also want to say how lovely the Trisha Romance paintings are. They remind me of the work of Swedish artist Carl Larsson.Thanks too, for the reading tip you left at my blog today! 🙂 Glad you fared well in the ice storm. Was thinking about you.


  3. ohhhh, what a precious little doggie! Don’t you love it when they seem to be clinging to you with their paws? I’m sure Sophie is a good girlie.I just read your previous post, too, so I didn’t get to pray for your stress test. Glad to hear that it went well.


  4. I just did the whole nuclear stress test a few weeks ago along with all the other, regular testing. The stress test is not my favorite, either.I get my results next week. I’ll be praying for yours, too.


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