Photography, winter

Snow photos. . .

It seems to me that summer has more scope for a photography student. Blue sea, sky, bright flowers, foliage, red roads, cliffs. In the winter there are white fields, white roads, white ice with an occasional blue sky thrown in to the mix.

I’m thankful that we are surrounded by evergreens – that sea of green is a relief to the eye.

I wanted to capture the the sparkle of light on the snow yesterday but I didn’t have much success.

I looked up snow photography tips and read “over expose! over expose! over expose!” So I learned how to adjust the exposure.
The same photo, this time adjusted in Photoshop using the command “histogram stretched”, which increases contrast.

And if I knew more, I’d try working with layers. But that’s another day.

I finally took a macro without blurring. (I wonder why it’s called macro and not micro?)

I like it. I think I caught a bit of the sparkle of sunlight onthe snow – like millions of tiny diamonds.

I’m learning. 

Little by little… 


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