spring dreams . . .

Yes, it is still winter in Prince Edward Island

but two days of rain have given the snow a “run for its money” as they say around here.

This morning the sun was shining so beautifully, the  chickadees were chirping and calling, the sky was so blue and there was such a spring-like feel in the air that I actually headed over to my front flower  bed to see if there just might be anything stirring. 




When do you start working in your garden?

  1. I melt a path through the snow with a blowtorch
  2. As soon as the crocuses break through the snow’s crust
  3. When I hear the birds singing
  4. I never go outside until the last frost date 

6 thoughts on “spring dreams . . .

  1. Great shots of those buds bursting through. I just took a walk about my garden today with my little grandson and yup! the bulbs are out!! (the ones he planted) He just couldn’t believe it.Finally our snow left the valley.


  2. I’m not a gardener but I so love other peoples gardens. I go out when it’s time to mow the lawn for the first time again after winter. (when I’m in Washington)I’m glad you got a breakthrough in your weather…


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