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A crumpled rose-leaf, a gleam in the water lit up by sunset, a child’s happy smile, waken in me the conviction that, as I am looking out upon Nature, so there is Another gazing on me.
 William Barry

A comforting thought for a rough week.

We are all reeling from the news that a very good friend (who had been in perfect health) is in critical condition with pancreatitis.

He is a much loved elder in our church – his wife is known for her ministry of “hugs”.

We would be grateful for your prayers.

Photo credit – Rinda Dean 


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  1. These pieces of news make me think about heaven – it’ll be wonderful not to have anyone get sick or die! But you’re right how sometimes serious illness or even death can bring healing to the people around the suffering one. I’ve seen it myself too.Saying a prayer for your friend.


  2. Thanks Jody and Ellen.Gus is still in critical condition – they are watching for blood clots now. The Lord is working through this – especially in the area of relational healing in the extended family. Nothing like a crisis to draw people together. We are lifting him up to the Lord constantly.The Lord knows best but we are not ready to let him go yet.


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your prayers and kind words. Gus is still in critical condition on a respirator – we’re waiting to hear a cat scan report. His vitals have to stabilize before they can operate. His two daughters just flew in from Ontario. Karen, his wife, is holding up and deeply appreciates all the prayer support. It has been very sweet to watch the members of our church gather around her and her family in this difficult time. It’s been a testimony of God’s love to many.


  4. I just lifted up a prayer for your friends. May His strength and comfort be with you all through this situation. And Rinda continues to inspire us with her wonderful photos.


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