island spring

OK, let’s get one thing straight.

While all you southerners are waxing eloquent about spring,

and showing your blooms and blossoms,

we northerners are not jealous.

I repeat

not. jealous.

Not one bit.

We are celebrating spring in our own way. 


* Kayaking among the icebergs

beat that!



To those of you who have been so kindly praying for Gus and Karen  – he is on the road to recovery! All tubes are out and he is slowly regaining his strength. We are so thankful! Many, many thanks for your prayers.


* My favourite Rinda Dean photo –  from the archives. I tried the “hard light” trick that I picked up from photographer extraordinairePioneer Woman


13 thoughts on “island spring

  1. Yeah. Not jealous! I mean we’re about to get some beautiful snowflakes and all tomorrow!!!Good to hear about Gus – saying a thank you to the Lord for him and Karen πŸ™‚


  2. What a treat to find you. I think it was in the comments on Quiet Life, Donna Boucher’s. Oh and to read about PEI, I am so jealous. We live in the Arizona desert, I’m a 4th generation native. Family keeps us here mostly. My dream is to come to PEI some day with my family. My girls love all the LM Montgomery stories.And to read your 106 things was so fun.! I made it to the end and really enjoyed it, I feel like I was having a cup of jo with you at the coffee shop. I’ll visit again, Especially to see photos of beautiful snow and water. It was 85 today, much too warm already.BlessingsSusan T


  3. Even better news about Gus – he came home today!!!! We are thrilled and giving thanks to God. It was an answer to many prayers. May God bless each of you who remembered him in prayer – I am so grateful.


  4. Such wonderful news of Gus and Karen. You are cracking me up with your Spring post! California has always been confused about seasons. I love the 4 seasons in Washington and I bet when your Spring finally arrives it will be as spectacular as Anne describes!Blessings…


  5. THAT looks like fun!We’ve still got chunks of ice on the stock ponds, but no iceburgs to paddle around. No kayak either. One of these days we’ll WOW them with out pretty blooms, won’t we?Jody


  6. Wow! Yes, if we had icebergs in our Pacific Ocean, I’d definitely be out in a kayak getting a closer view!We loved the doors in Oxford. I got a few photos of doors there, but we arrived late and the weather was rainy so I didn’t have great photography light. The doors in Bath and Canterbury were enchanting too, so full of character.I’m looking forward to seeing your door photo from your England trip.


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