Island spring 2


Ok – another sign of spring.

early spring, mind you, we Northerners are not in total denial…

Cutting next year’s firewood. 


I bet my husband is happier out in the woods on a bright and sunny, early spring day

than anyone stretched out on a tropical beach. 

 I joined him for teatime.

Note the chainsaw close by. Our church leadership surprised him last Christmas with it. It’s his pride and joy. His chainsaw is probably in the same category as Terry’s Miss Ella.

I probably should be a little jealous. 

But I’m not.

Happy husband = happy wife


that lovely pile of wood = a warm and cozy house next winter.


9 thoughts on “Island spring 2

  1. Oh I love this. Isn’t it wonderful to have a happy husband? There is nothing like getting outside at the first sign of spring and doing the things we love to do. Oh but the stretching out on the beach was quite a delight.


  2. You are making me feel quilty about flying out to the warm sun…We used to cut all our fire wood and what a wonderful warm smell and aroma. We came home to snow halfways down on the mountains.Some of our family are off skiing instead of hiking for Easter.It’s been a strange weather pattern, but I have to admit, I loved the full blooms and the warm ocean waves.


  3. I too love hyacinths, both the flower and the color. My brother in Oregon (flower power’s husband) loves to cut up their firewood for their wood stove. I love going to their farm in the winter and sleeping by the stove, snuggled up in comforters and quilts.


  4. I get the feeling he’d get along just splendidly (oh what an awfully Brittish word!) with my Mr Right… I think if he was made to choose between me and his tools, he’d be in deep trouble. So I’m being wise and won’t make him choose 😉


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