7 thoughts on “cheery!

  1. I want to go kyaking with you. That would be so much fun. The sun on your back, but I’ll go for my long walk now and think of you.. I have not kyaked much, but I love to canoe every summer.Enjoy the sun!!


  2. Well Deb – it’s not exceptionally warm especially for you southerners but there is a surprising amount of heat in the sun.here goes – you double and add 30 – so 6+6+30= 42 F11 on Wed is going to be fun – 52 F – we would think that’s freezing in the summer but this time of year it feels balmy!I’m off to kayak among the icebergs.


  3. You know…I think I remember a post you wrote long ago telling all of us who are dumb on knowing what "C" means how to figure out the "F" temp. I know you add an amount to it but for the life of me I can’t remember. But…I take it that it’s a lovely day there! 🙂


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