April Adventures!


This was the Northumberland strait off Point Prim last Thursday. Roger and I went down to watch the sunset and check out the ice. It didn’t look very promising for kayaking.

What a difference a few days makes.


This was the strait yesterday – a perfect day for spring kayaking.

Here’s my kayaking buddy all suited up.


There are our kayaks ready to go. I found a rocky ledge to launch my kayak without getting my feet wet. But the intrepid Ms. Dean removed her footwear and walked her boat into the icy water…

I wish I had a camera to record that incident!  But we don’t take any more pictures while we are on the water. There’s been a few unfortunate incidents involving cameras and salt water that we don’t like to mention. 

It was so good to be back out on the water. It’s fascinating to kayak around the huge icecakes. The ice forms into all sorts of interesting shapes and shades of bluish white.


It’s not safe to get too close because the warmth of the sun weakens the ice and, all of a sudden, the ice mounds crack – it sounds like a shotgun going off –  Boom! A huge piece explodes and crashes off into the water with a gigantic splash!

It’s exciting and slightly nerve-wracking!

We’re going out again tomorrow. Hopefully a camera man (Rinda’s son-in-law) will come along to stand on the shore to take pictures and maybe even a movie.

But until then, here’s a picture from the archives.

click to enlarge  

Hope you’re enjoying some April adventures this week!


7 thoughts on “April Adventures!

  1. Wow! This is really different… I enjoy kayaking once in a while too, but I’m used to the deep turqoise and green of Mediterranean water and pines in the Costa Brava!! I’ve never kayaked around ice-bergs in icy water… Must be an experience! I guess you wouldn’t be hanging your feet out in the water like I do when I’m resting for a while… :-)Thanks for dropping by my blog… It’s amazing, I have the Life Mosaic book which includes Ministry of Song and Under the Surface, and it is an 1881 edition!! I love Havergal… she has the ability of putting into words those deep feelings that for me are inexpressable…God bless!


  2. Oh my! I can’t even imagine–ice cakes, kayaking among ice bergs. You brave woman, you!I guess I will stick to my tame little walks on a Southern California beach.


  3. You know, there are those protective things to wrap a camera into while on the sea. Some of them can even be used for under water photographing!I know the sound of cracking ice – it really is something scary!


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