and spending entirely too much time doing it!

I’m not sure if I can stick with the white background.

But it feels fresh and clean and simple

And goes so well with sky-blue…

You didn’t expect me to move away from a shade of blue did you?

I just can’t seem to

I love every shade of blue.

I had way too much fun playing around with this little colour app

Make sure you try the drop down menu More.

I have always been fascinated by colours. As a little girl, I can remember smelling a brand-new, bright red crayon – then taking a big bite! I was so sure it would taste as good as it looked. What a disappointment.

That’s what I love about the return of spring – all the colours are so vivid and alive. After a long white winter my eyes and soul feel hungry for colour.

We don’t have a lot of colour yet, but it won’t be long.

I love this description of spring from the Song of Solomon: 

See! The winter is past;
       the rains are over and gone. 
Flowers appear on the earth;
       the season of singing has come!
Song of Solomon 2:11-12

The sparrows have returned to join the chorus in the season of singing.



 Every morning they wake me with their cheery songs.

A perfect way to start the day!


10 thoughts on “Redecorating

  1. Great Post and I love your new color. You love blue? We have that in common. My glasses are blue, my dishes are blue, I love all shades of blues especially those of the ocean. Your last post had such vivid colors of blue. You have organized this very well.


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    thanks t – weather is all a matter of perspective – 45 and rainy would feel balmy to me – yesterday we had a temp of 0 (32 F) and big fat white snowflakes.But I’m trying not to complain – the snow melted right away and 17 degrees (64) is coming at the end of the week.Thanks Ellen – and yes Kim I use the Newsroom template. I’d love to be able to design my own but I don’t want to pay more in order to do it.Thanks Sharon and Deb – I tried to choose springtime pictures. I think I may try redoing my banner seasonally – just for a change.Willow – I’m using a zoom – actually standing about 15 feet away. But sparrows and chickadees are pretty tame. I think I could get closer if I moved quietly.Thanks Lovella! I used to be on Blogger – I liked the way I could change the style sheet myself in that program – and I liked that it was free. But I had a lot of trouble uploading pictures- it took way too long. That’s why I shifted to Squarespace. Their service is terrific and it’s only $7 a month.


  3. I love your new look. Your white and blue are just beautiful. Your new header pictures are just lovely.Once in a while I’m sorely tempted to try something other than blogger. . .oh boy.


  4. I do like your new look! And I love the blues too. I’ll never switch mine from a shade of blue either.I love the bird photos. How do you get them to sit still that long and pose for you? What are you bribing them with? sunflower seeds? suet?


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