for all your kind comments about my new blog look.

I use Paint Shop Pro. I don’t know much about it but I have a lot of fun experimenting with all the different tools.

I played around with this image first –

I cropped the periwinkle tile from the sea in the first picture and then I used the clone tool to enlarge it.  But I decided I needed a break from periwinkle backgrounds.

So I used this cropped image of a bright yellow iris and blue sky with clouds. I love yellow and blue.


 I applied the kaleidoscope action and these are the designs I created. I finished the tiles by applying the seamless tool so that the tile would work for a blog background.


 I loved the first one but it was just “too much” when it repeated all over the background of the page. The pattern in the second one wouldn’t line up – my center column kept clipping part of the pattern off. I didn’t like the third one so much.

My eyes were starting to glaze over and my laundry was crawling up the stairs to meet me, so I decided to go with the last tile. I like the soft pattern even though I wanted a little more yellow.

So now I have my blog decorated for spring. 

Next in line, my kitchen.

I’m trying to gear myself up for it. 

It needs new wallpaper  – desperately.

If only I could sit in my chair and click my mouse…


6 thoughts on “thanks!

  1. I feel like there’s never enough time for decorating. I look at my blog and think…ah…but you seem to have a set of IT skills and know how to use them. In ten years it won’t matter about your kitchen, but as long as you had fun blogging.


  2. Oh, no – I meant to check your new design at home with Firefox because at my work computer, IE and a small crappy screen it only shows the background while loading the blog. When it’s ready, the white rea fills it all.And just guess if I remembered to do that or not?The banner collection is so sweet – I especially love the mama-sheep with the lamb! I’ve been wanting to take photos of sheep, but they are pretty rare in the Southern Finland these days 😦


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