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I am joining my good friend Ann V. at Holy Experience

She writes:

I am seeing things I have never seen before, atuned and aware of this constant, endless stream of gifts from His hand. I am one waking from slumber….from the stupor of indifference and ignorance. I have sight, fresh and keen—-the world is new and full of His gifts.

Too often I miss Him, oblivious, blind. I don’t see all the good things that He is giving me, gracing me with, brushing my life with. True, He is everywhere, always. But maybe, before The Gift List, I thought of Him as further off, not so close. When I started to see all the things that I love bestowed upon me, I started to see Him as near, present, everywhere, showering me with good things. Seeing the things I love all around me gives me eyes to see that I am loved, that He loves me

1. eyes to see

2. mind to be aware

3. heart to be atuned

4. a life to live awake

5. a Father who is near

6. who showers endless gifts

7. who loves

A good beginning …

Consider joining. You will be blessed!


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