where we are heading tomorrow…


Have you been there? 

We will be attending our son and daughter in law’s wedding blessing in their home church.

And wandering around London hand in hand with my sweet husband. 

I’ve been busy planning walks, libraries, bookstores,

Get the gist?  free to inexpensive

London on the cheap 🙂 

I’d appreciate any hints – suggestions – tips – your favourite spots!

I’ll have Internet access so see you in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Guess

  1. My daughter and I went in 2005 and had a great time.Check out http://www.londonwalks.com where you’ll find gobs of cheap tours all over London and a few day tours outside of London. We were just a little ways from Greenwich one day and missed it. If I went back, I’d not miss it. There’s a river cruise in Greenwich too and if you do it via London Walk, it’s very cheap.Hampstead is a pretty little neighborhood where many British authors and artists lived. We took a London Walk there and it was very charming and beautiful.We did the Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, British Museum, the parks are great too. We went to Regents Park and our hotel was right next to Hyde Park. Don’t miss stopping in the little local bakeries for almond pastry. OMG, they’re not to be missed. We carried out many delish sandwiches from those bakeries each day for lunch too.Have a smashing time! (using my British!)Jody


  2. Thanks again for all your good wishesWillow – you have some lovely ideas!! I think my husband will love the British War Museum – I’ll find it on our tourist map.I’ll check the other places as well.


  3. The British Library gets my vote too.Also CHELSEA PHYSICK GARDEN. Look it up and find out the hours and days it’s open. There is also a tea room at the garden.How about Kew Gardens? We took the tube there (mind the gap) and then spent most of a day there.Covent Garden market.The British War Museum tells the story of the holocaust in a personal and authentic manner.Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. There’s a yummy bakery over in the corner. At least there was four years ago when we were in London.Enjoy your time! I am in happy memories of London mode now!


  4. Well nice to meet you. I saw your web address when another blogger mentioned you on another blog re. info. for free England.Look for free museums and old churches. Sadly everything costs so much inLondon these days. Wish I had found you sooner then I possibly could have been of more help.I live on the edge of North East London.While visiting I read yur 127 things and found them an interesting read. You have certainly had some difficult things to deal with but yur faith shines through it all.I tried to go to some of your archives but could not get into them.If you are interested I have my memoirs on my blog under ‘my story’ and there are things I can identify with in your story as that is what your meme really is.Have a great time in London anyhow and Ireland.


  5. Thank you ladies for your good wishes for our London trip!! We’re also heading up to Belfast Ireland afterwards – to visit our friends from Robin Mark’s church. Good idea Ellen – thanks – I hope they have a great children’s section – I adore British children’s lit too. years ago our older libraries had tons of English children’s books but they weeded them out. I hope I find some there. I might find a chair, curl up and get lost in there. Thankfully it’s Roger’s idea of a good time too – he will get lost in the war section.We will do that Susanne – I was in London years ago – 1979 – but I don’t think I saw that.Hi Joanne – yes our oldest boy has lived in London for 4 years. He was married here at Christmas (a small wedding in our living room) and he and his wife are having their church wedding in London at the church where they met and now actually live – City Temple – right in the heart of London. It’s a huge church and they have apartments as well as a conference center there.Laura – 84 Charing Cross Road is one of my favourite movies – I love Anthony Hopkins although I haven’t watched his scary movies. Shadowlands is another of my favourites and Remains of the Day and Hearts in Atlantis. Amanda – We will keep Primrose Hill in mind – and definitely the museums. Thanks!


  6. Oh. I am so jealous. I *love* London. There are so many things to do and see. Definitely you have to go to the British Museum. There are so many things to see and explore. The National Gallery is also a must see and free! Nothing can compare to seeing a Vermeer in real life. Another free favorite thing is to go to Primrose Hill in in the evening and watch the city light up. Beautiful!Enjoy your trip!


  7. I don’t have any tips for you as I’ve yet to go with my beloved. This news, however, makes me think of 84 Charing Cross Road (a fabulous older Anne Bancroft and Sir Anthony Hopkins film that I recommend if you have not watched it) which we watched just last evening. It wonderfully captures the trans-atlantic (New York and London) relationship of two persons.Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating with your children and being good to yourselves! Blessings on your travels . . .


  8. Joanne says:

    I must have missed something BIG! I thought your son was in Ireland, or is this another son?Oh, do have fun!Enjoy your time and all that Britain has to offer!Blessings!Joanne


  9. OH OH OH! The time has come already. Oh what fun. Can you tell I’m excited. Do go to the British Library. It’s free they have a wonderful room there filled with amazing treasures. The Gutenberg Bible, all kinds of literary treasures, etc.http://www.bl.uk/I was so impressed with this big room at this library. Jane Austen, the Beatles, all kinds of goodies. Did I mention it was free? 🙂


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