London update.

Just a note to let you know we’re having a good time – eating at pubs, walking around the streets of London admiring all the old architecture and statues and trying not to get lost.

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This is the street where Andrew lives – I waited for the double-decker bus to arrive so that I could capture a quintessential British scene for you –  the old telephone booths, double-decker bus and the tavern!

Roger and I enjoyed a walking tour around St. Paul’s Cathedral. The day was cool although spring is in full bloom here with so many various shades of tulips and other spring flowers. There is a lilac bush blossoming in a church garden next door to Andrew’s building. I breathe in the sweet scent everytime we head out. What a treat!

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Remember the scene at St Paul’s from Mary Poppins with the old bird woman? Actually, you are not allowed to feed the birds anymore  – not anywhere in London. Our son, Andrew, says they are like flying rats – very germ-laden. Although I couldn’t feed the birds I was still singing the song “All around the cathedral, the saints and apostles look down as she sells her wares. Although you can’t see it, you know they are smiling, each time someone shows that they care…”

We also headed down across the Millennium Bridge over the Thames and to the replica of the Globe theater where Shakespeare put on his plays. Roger found a Starbucks – which is his substitute for Tim Horton’s while he is here. He’s a happy man.

Yesterday we went to the shopping district around Oxford Street- the streets and busses were crammed with shoppers.It was cool and rainy so we carried our umbrellas. There is a bit of a trick walking with an umbrella in those  crowds! I haven’t figured it out yet. I came quite close to poking a few people with the sharp spokes of mine.

Last evening we had the wedding blessing rehearsal. My son’s wife is Korean. We met her family for the first time – they shook hands and we gave a little bow -it was all good! Andrew and Hyekoo added a Korean custom to the wedding ceremony – as they  walk down the aisle after the ceremony, they stop and bow to us first, and  then to her parents. I think I like it!! This reverence for parents is rather nice.

Afterwards we all went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I tried sushi (raw fish)  – let’s call it an experience ๐Ÿ™‚ We  communicated through Hyekoo and her sister, who also speaks quite good English. They were asking questions about PEI culture, our family and our church. Hyekoo’s mother is an elder in a Presbyterian church in Seoul. She attends a prayer meeting every morning at 5 am.

Today we are going to take the tube (subway) and head to the War Museum. Tomorrow we are planning an all day bus tour. We will stop at all the famous places including Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms.  We’ll also see Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery and lots of other places. I’m taking  pictures. I’m sure there will be many blog entries to share!



8 thoughts on “London update.

  1. Oh, that Starbuck’s by The Globe right on the Thames? YEs, we’ve been in there!!!Our son and daughter in law have St Paul’s and Cabinet War Room on their must see list for our visit there next month. Let me know how it is. Glad you got to the War Museum.


  2. I’ve been to London once – almost 20 years ago, with my MOM! Well, two days of the week went in a blur because I had a high fever. Other than that London is not my favourite, but there are worse places to be in.We made a trip to Bath, the small town west from London. And browsed through a couple of museums and walked in Hyde Park, wondering the joggers who did their thing in there wearing shorts – when it was only 5 C! Brr….Glad to hear you’re having a good time. Enjoy the rest of it too!


  3. Great snaps! So happy that you are enjoying yourself! Don’t forget to go to at least one cozy/quaint book shop . . . if they still can be found!


  4. i’m so delighted you are having a good time! it sounds wonderful.my youngest has been asking me to make sushi for him. ummm…yeah. i’m praying for you and thinking of you with much love.t


  5. Joanne says:

    Kathy,That was so much FUN to read! You did a great job of capturing what I imagine London to be! Congratulations on your son’s wedding and may he and his wife enjoy much happiness, and the joy of the Lord together.If you were staying for two weeks in England (which I don’t think you are), I would encourage you to visit YWAM Harpenden (just north of London) where Godfrey Birtill is sharing in worship…I found out through another commenter of yours, Barbara, and then through my daughter who is attending that base presently.I listened to some of his music and it is indeed beautiful! Have you heard of him? Your son might be familiar with his worship music.It sounds like your plate is full and exciting! I loved all the details and your great photos! Thanks for allowing us to travel via your blog!Joanne in Ontario


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