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outside my window . . .

We’ve had a new visitor to the bird feeders that hang in the flowering crab tree right outside our kitchen window.

An American Goldfinch – they are so pretty with their bright yellow body and black cap and wings. I love to listen to their song while I’m sipping coffee in the early morning: listenPlay sound from this species

The net feeders work but R decided to pick a new finch feeder. It’s perfect – complete with tiny pegs so that the birds can perch and eat to their hearts’ content.


There is only one tiny problem with the feeder.


I think I would have chosen one like Donna’s. Can you imagine that gorgeous colour combination?

I’m off to town today.

I think I’ll keep my eye open for sky blue feeders – or maybe kelly green – or scarlet  – anything but yellow.

Is this photography/blogging thing going to my head? 


10 thoughts on “outside my window . . .

  1. I am watching the goldfinches here too. I love their little "see me?" question. I agree that the feeder and the finch feathers do clash a bit. I hope you find the feeder you have in mind. Or….could you paint this one?Jody


  2. What a cheerful looking guy!I find it a bit weird (well sort of and then not) that on that side of the big pool you feed the birds during the summer too. In Finland when there’s enough foor elsewhere the birds disappear from the feeders and people gather the feeders away – or just don’t fill them up anymore. My Mr Right takes the birdie restaurant into the garage… I’d like to try and have seeds out for the birds throughout the year. Just that some of the food goes rotten in the humid summer air and the fallen seeds attract rodents – and nobody likes that!PS. I’m back to blogging, in a new place. Thank you for your friendship and kind comments in my old place 🙂


  3. Marg's Home Again says:

    Isn’t is fun to enjoy the simple things in life.Continue enjoying the use of your camera. It keeps things exciting. This morning I saw a duck on my lawn, but I was too slow.


  4. Congratulations, Kathie.I like the bag feeder a lot. And the bright yellow one, too, but I agree–another color would make for a gorgeous color combination.XO


  5. Such a sweet bird. And yes blogging opens up our eyes to what makes for a better photo, what compliments and what detracts. I say keep your eyes peeled for a blue, or green feeder :0)


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