More tales . . .

 We felt at home in Northern Ireland with the sound of the sea,  greener than green fields, and  row upon row of newly planted potato fields. But, unlike PEI, it’s an ancient land – there are romantic tales and history round every curve in the narrow, winding roads.

We visited Dunluce Castle in County Antrim – The story goes that during  a wedding celebration in the castle,  there was a violent storm. Part of the cliff gave way and fell into the sea, taking the castle’s kitchen with it and a number of the servants who were working in it at the time. The incident, which happened in 1639, eventually led to the MacDonnell owners abandoning the Castle for safer living quarters.

 The Island monastery of Nendrum  was founded in the 6th century with the blessing of St Patrick. In 976AD, the Abbot was burned alive in his house during a Viking raid.

It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside and bays.

An historic round tower in a newly planted potato field. 

After a long, lovely day of touring, R was thrilled to find another thing we have in common… 


The caption on the sign reads “A taste so big it could only come from Canada!” 


3 thoughts on “More tales . . .

  1. Marg's Home Again says:

    Some of the countryside looks so similar to the rolling hills in Germany. You’ve got great color. That’s so unreal how their’s a castle in the middle of a potato field.I missed our Tim Hortons.


  2. That ancient tower in the plowed and planted field reminds me of Rome where new buildings are constructed right on to the ancient walls and people walk to work past 2,000 year old buildings and no longer even look at them!


  3. That whole ancient thing is what make these lands so interesting. When our west coast of the US has such new history in comparison…Beautiful photos! So happy you could see these lands…


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