Island Life

Woodland wandering . . .

Come along and let’s see what’s blooming in PEI’s woods.

Chokecherry bushes flourish in sunlit clearings.

The tiny Starflower growing in the damp moss on the woodland floor.

Fireweed blooming along the sunny edges of the woods.

There’s nothing quite like pushing through a thick growth of spruce and pine and stumbling upon a little clearing scattered with wild apple trees in bloom. The trees covered in delicate pink and white clusters; the fragrant perfume and the buzzing of the bees adding to the wonder.

I wonder which bird made their home in this nest? A robin? 


You could just imagine Cicely Mary Barker’s Apple Blossom fairy peeking from behind the blossoms. I love her flower fairies with their sweet faces.

This tiny pool of rain, nestled in the center of a lupine, would be just perfect for a fairy’s morning bath.

Oh yes…the lupines are just beginning.
Soon our roadsides and fields will be awash in glorious purple, blue, mauve, pink, and burgundy.

Let’s plan a roadside ramble when they are fully in bloom. We’ll pack a picnic basket and the camera of course. I can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Woodland wandering . . .

  1. We saw many of these same flowers in the Northwoods of Wisconsin last week on vacation. The lupines were in full bloom and varied from a rose color to deep purple. Gorgeous!


  2. GLORIOUS!We’re still very cool and very few blooms yet.JodyP.S. I had to tell you I made the Rhubarb Crisp to my family’s delight (and mine too!). SO GOOD. I had a handful of strawberries that I needed to use up so I chopped them and tossed them in with the rhubarb. Oh my! Thanks for the recipe. It’s a keeper.


  3. I am impressed that you know the names for everything. That’s a skill I want to work on, together with my kids! I think the chokeberry may be what is in bloom along our bike trail–I’ve been wondering.~Jeanne


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