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Eureka . . .

I discovered these yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve ever found them growing in our  woods. They’re a rare find.

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Lady’s Slipper

(Cypripedium acaule)

Prince Edward Island adopted the lady’s slipper as its floral emblem in 1947. The flower gets its name from its petals, which are shaped like a woman’s shoe. It grows in the cool shade of the forest and it blooms in the springtime.

What is the floral emblem of your province or state? 

I’m off to town today. The library is calling my name!

Have a wonderful day my friends.   


11 thoughts on “Eureka . . .

  1. The state flower of Illinois is the violet. I love them and have many of them growing in my yard. They are such a sweet little flower. But lady slippers are lovely too and I remember feeling so excited to come upon one in the woods of Upstate New York.


  2. PEI was so charming to select the lady slipper as their flower.Here in Texas our state flower is the Bluebonnet (my blog banner shows a field of them.) The funny part of that fact is that rather than designate just one kind of bluebonnet (basically a lupin) it was decided that any and all tiny blue lupin like flowers that bloom in Texas are to be considered "bluebonnets" and thereby qualify to be called our state flower.The bluebonnets are really sweet and dear, like little prarie girls compared to fashion model tall cousins Lupin in Canada, Switzerland and California!


  3. Marg's Home Again says:

    Those lady slippers are gorgeous. The only thing growing around here is our grass. It’s been so cold like 5′ for two weeks and finally the sun broke through today.Out to cut the lawns.


  4. What a joy to find the Lady’s Slipper! I’ve never seen one growing in the wild — ever.Montana’s state flower is the Bitterroot (Leisia rediviva). Captain Meriwether Lewis (from Lewis & Clark expedition) discovered it.Jody


  5. Oh what a wonderful discovery. Such a sweet flower.Washington State Flower is the Rhododendrum.California is the California PoppyHave fun at the library…


  6. I love the delicate pink color and unusual shape! Our state flower is the California Poppy which is seen in several colors but the traditional bright orange was the original.xo


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