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the sun

 was shining this afternoon so I had to slip back to the woods and see if I could shoot some of the Lady Slippers in better light. The blossoms won’t last much longer.

please click to enlarge

I’m so happy with the way this shot turned out…

Bokeh – Japanese for blur. Basically the subject is focused and the background is blurry.

I discovered that you have to

  • stand around 3 feet away from the subject
  • use your zoom
  • make sure that there is space between the subject and the background
  • Set the camera to a low aperture setting
  • click away

Apparently there is good bokeh and not so good bokeh. It can be quite complicated.

I don’t understand much. For example in the Bokeh test the following elements are evaluated.

  • Edge – I don’t understand
  • Double-line – haven’t a clue
  • Aperture shape – beats me
  • Overall effect – pleasing or distracting?

Yes! I can answer that one.

I am pleased – very pleased.

Now – I have to run. The sun is setting and I need to go out and play with my camera. The light is shining in my window all lovely and golden.

Apparently this is one of the best moments to take pictures.

I don’t want to miss it! Catch you later 


6 thoughts on “the sun

  1. FABULOUS photo!My camera has a setting for blurred background/focused center macro, and I love using it. Especially helpful if the stuff surrounding a lovely item is not quite as appealing.


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