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The early bird gets the worm

 or in this case

gets to join in the Anne of Green Gables celebrations on PEI! 

 Island Morning, the radio show that wakens me every morning, is featuring a special radio broadcast from the Green Gables homestead tomorrow.  

One Hundred Years to the Day,”  celebrates the day LM Montgomery received her first copy of her book through the mail at her home in Cavendish.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

You can tune into this special broadcast by clicking here


It is early – we are on Atlantic time and the program runs from 6-8:30 AM.

But there will be interviews of Anne fans, scholars, authors, book club members and even Lucy Maud’s grand-daughter, Kate MacDonald Butler, will be there to honour the occasion. I’ve also heard that there will be prizes and give-aways – available to listeners as well as those Islanders and visitors who drop by the Green Gables farm during the show.

If you should happen to miss the live show, you can still listen to the program in the archives.

In the meantime….

Don’t forget to enter our own little give-away right here at A Sparrow’s Home!

If you’ve just joined in, check the two previous posts for the guidelines.

I’m waiting to hear about your favourite books.

Two more prizes to be drawn tomorrow night. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, June 23.  


One thought on “The early bird gets the worm

  1. We went to PEI on vacation a few years ago. I was ready to move there. What a beautiful place. We stayed in a motel near Anne’s house. I was so impressed.I came home and read all the Anne of Green Gables books!


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