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milestones . . .

Our baby graduated with honours.

Our fifth, and final, High School Graduation.

Each graduation  brings a lot of memories because my five children graduated from the same High School that I graduated from 32 years ago. They were raised here in Belfast, but attended High School in the little town of Montague where I grew up – a  20 minute drive away.


It was a memorable evening. The teachers and staff of Sarah’s school, as well as the whole community, know how to honour their graduating class.

The evening begins with a procession leading from the High School to a little Presbyterian church where a  service is held. Only the grads and staff can attend as the church is just large enough to seat the class of over 200 students.

I wish I could have been there, especially this year, as my preacher husband gave the message and my daughter sang. It was bittersweet, as the song was sung in memory of one of her dearest friends who died last Sept. The whole evening was shining with memories of Martha with her winsome smile and contagious laughter.

After the church service, the RCMP block off Main Street and the whole town lines up to take pictures and cheer the graduating class.

A piper and two RCMP officers, in dress uniform, lead the way.

The procession marches through the town to  the community rink – the only building large enough to hold the class and all the family members, friends and neighbours who turn out to celebrate.

A little wave and a grin for us! 

Best friends since Kindergarten!

So proud of you sweetie! 


12 thoughts on “milestones . . .

  1. Congratulations to your daughter for all her hard work and yourselves for getting her to that point! That is so neat that the whole town helps to celebrate with the grads. That makes it extra special. That is quite a huge class of graduates.


  2. Congratulations!I just love the small town fanfare for high school graduations. It gives me a feeling of comfort.Thanks for sharing, Kathie.XO


  3. Marg's Home Again says:

    This is a tear jerker!! That’s a huge milestone.It’s so beautiful how your town raises the banner for your grads.That’s what small towns are all about.From weddings, to babies to graduations eh?So many wonderful things that you have celebrated this year.


  4. Oh wow! This post made me cry.What a perfect town. My friend Lynn, who loves Mayberry really had to come and see this!Congratulations to you and your graduate!Nine more years for me….I will be almost 60.Wow!


  5. How wonderful that the whole town celebrates with the graduates and their families like that! Thanks for sharing the celebration with us and congratulations to your beautiful daughter!


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