My daughter (who is the home-made random generator for all Islandsparrow give-aways) chose 2 numbers between 1 and 11 for our runner-ups.


Jody and Tonia – are the winners!

(and of course, I’m delighted to include Tonia’s girl, M13. I’ve been rooting for her all along. With her love of good books, and her beautiful hair, she is the obvious winner for an Anne of Green Gables give-away!)

Oh, I have the perfect gift for our grand winner Jill.

What else could I send someone whose blog is called

Jill’s World of Research, Reactions and Millinery?

The famous Anne of Green Gables hat

Here’s Sarah wearing it for Hallowe’en 1992 


Of course…

We’ll be expecting a picture from you too Jill!

Happy Monday my friends! 


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