It’s strawberry season here on the Island. Time for strawberry shortcake, pie, jam and socials.


The girl of the family is holding down 3 jobs this summer, saving money for her mission trip next winter. Picking strawberries is one of them. It’s long, hot work but she’s good-natured about it and glad for the chance to earn money.


Her dad is helping out, joining her in the fields for an hour before work each morning. He loves to pick berries side by side with the strawberry farmer, who also happens to be best friend and elder in the church. It’s a good time of fellowship for them both. 


 And the extra boxes of berries, added to Sarah’s daily total, help keep up our future missionary’s morale!


9 thoughts on “field fellowship. . .

  1. Marg's Home Again says:

    What a great way to see your husband fellowship and encourage his daughter and dear friend.That’s what I call living life.


  2. Lana G! says:

    Oh those are so lovely! Now that is some dedication holding down all those jobs!


  3. I have great memories of going with my mom and brothers to a pick-your-own field near our house! It’s hard work to do every day, though. Good for Sarah!~Jeanne


  4. Susie says:

    What beautiful berries! Your daughter is so hard working and dedicated! xo


  5. willow says:

    Mmmmm…they look yummy! Our strawberries are mostly over here. But the blueberries are doing great at my friend’s ranch.Strawberry picking is good missionary training.


  6. Susanne says:

    Lovely looking day, and lovely strawberries. Good for your daughter for being so motivated! In my family, I’m afraid, there is just as much strawberries eaten as put in the bucket. The missionary trip would be a long time coming! LOL.


  7. Deb says:

    Beautiful, beautiful berries and pictures!


  8. Lovella says:

    OOOH your strawberry pictures are gorgeous. Such a lovely field to pick in, no mud there. The perfect summer picutre .. blue skies, beautiful berry fields and a Dad who loves to help his child go on a missions trip. I so appreciate the kids who want to earn part of their way.


  9. ellen b says:

    Now those are some beautiful looking strawberries! Well done all you pickers!


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