prayer, summer

Summer prayer . . .

Photo Credit – Rinda Dean

For Sara – who shares with me a love of books, boats, shells and the sea. 

The Shell

Upon the sandy shore an empty shell
Beyond the shell infinity of sea;
O Saviour, I am like that empty shell,
Thou art the Sea to me.

A sweeping wave rides up the shore, and lo,
Each dim recess the coiled shell within
Is searched, is filled, is filled to overflow
By water crystalline. 

Not to the shell is any glory then:
All glory give we to the glorious sea.
And not to me is any glory when
Thou overflowest me.

Sweep over me Thy shell, as low I lie;
I yield me to the purpose of Thy will,
Sweep up, O conquering waves, and purify
And with Thy fullness fill.

Amy Carmichael

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8 thoughts on “Summer prayer . . .

  1. I knew you would like this Sara – I’ve read a lot of Amy Carmichael’s books – this poem came from a little volume of poems called Toward Jerusalem.Welcome Rosezilla – come back anytime!


  2. I just found your post from Sara’s and I love it! I am a huge Lucy Maud Montgomery fan and share a birthday with her – well, except for the year, of course… I didn’t discover her books until I was an adult, and then I had to devour everything she wrote. Some day my husband and I hope to visit your beautiful island. I read your "over 100" list of things about you and found we have much in common. And what an amazing thing to have studied at L’Abri – I wish you’d tell more about that. Now that I’ve found your blog, I hope it is ok if I return to visit!


  3. Thank you so much – this poem is so beautiful! I first heard of Amy Carmichael only last year and when I read her biography by Elisabeth Elliot, A Chance to Die, I was amazed at her courage and determination. What a story her life is! And an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this shell poem – it’s perfect.


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