8 thoughts on “shoot . . .

  1. Not to shock you…but 30 years ago I was pregnant, it was summer and the doctor said I could keep surfing as long as I wanted to (body surfing that is, hubby was on the longboard…) Hubby objected to the price of a maternity swimsuit, which of course would have only been needed for less than six weeks-from June until mid July birth. My bikini worked just fine, so that is what I was wearing at the beach up to the day I gave birth. Thankfully I had no stretch marks so it didn’t look too bad, and from the back you couldn’t even tell I was "with child."Two weeks ago our local paper showed a young pregnant woman surf fishing in a two piece (modest) swim suit. The next day there were letters to the editor saying that the picture of a pregnant woman’s belly IN THE DISTANCE made them so ill they were unable to finish eating their breakfast. Imagine: A woman gestating and fishing was that disturbing… I’ll bet the same person has no problems seeing pictures of Victoria Secret girl’s belly at breakfast…and all that belly would have been doing was digesting who know what! (Ewwwww….must not think about that!)


  2. It is good to see young women proud to be carrying babies, isn’t it? I remember my grandmother being horrified that a young woman was "out in public"(she was at church) when she was close to time, and absolutely scandalized that a man – a preacher at that! – asked her when she was due!!! I thought it was so funny… definitely different now.


  3. Sign of the times, isn’t it. At first it was sort of weird to see the tummies being shown off, but know I have seen some folks who really look beautiful that way. I came from the era we did not do that, too. But we were still pretty!


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