Homemade jam with

homemade bread of course!

My husband’s grandmother, Nannie, taught me how to make this bread. It is a very simple  farm loaf.  My husband’s great- grandmother would make 16 loaves a week in order to keep her family in bread.

I don’t measure the flour but I would guess that I’m using about 15-20 cups. I add some whole wheat flour – about 1/4 whole wheat to 3/4 white.I usually get 7 or 8 double loaves of bread a batch. The bread smells divine while it is baking and tastes delicious especially with jam or molasses.



5 thoughts on “Homemade jam with

  1. Even the hint of homemade bread makes me come running. I have a loaf of my no knead bread in the oven right now. I am trying the best for bread flour with added bran. . we’ll see. So, yes, your bread looks just scrumptious. .


  2. Makes me want to sing the song from Sound of Music, "ti" a drink with jam and bread . . . mmm . . . delicious! Thanks for the tutorial. I am definitely referring back to this one.


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