come on…

It’s a picture perfect summer day here on PEI – I’m heading down to my
sister in law’s cottage to enjoy a day at the beach with my four little
nieces. Why don’t you join me?

We can relax in the sun, read, breathe in the salt air, listen to the waves …

or go for a walk along the shore

We can watch the ferry and say hi to the seals

This little guy was having fun looking at us 🙂

or do my favourite thing …

float in the warmest water north of the Carolinas.  (I didn’t make that up – honest)

Wherever you are today, I hope that you are finding summertime joys. Have a wonderful weekend my friends.


12 thoughts on “come on…

  1. What a wonderful day! And your water temperature is much warmer than ours in Southern California. I hope you can enjoy several more beach days this summer!


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks Ellen! I had a wonderful time – and I hope to repeat it tomorrow!Kim you’re right – I don’t take it for granted – I was just saying to my brother in law that I think we live in the most (ok – one of the most!) beautiful places in the world.Lovella- that’s the ferry that goes from my end of the Island to Nova Scotia – the bridge is about an hour away and it goes to New Brunswick. There are some Islands but not like BC – which my boys tell me is also a very beautiful place. I hope to go there someday.Cassie – these seals weren’t the least bit shy. Sometimes they will poke their heads up out of the water to look at us while we are kayaking – they are very cute.Cathy the water temperature is around 77 today. That’s on the south side of the Island. It was lovely – I was in for hours. The North side (Gulf of St Lawrence) is considerably colder. Probably high 60’s to low 70’s. We go in anyway becuase the waves are such fun.


  3. Oh, and thanks so much for the pictures. I loved them.CasThe only time I’ve said hi to the seals (except the zoo of course) is during the 2 years I lived in Scotland. And it was a thrill to me every time I saw them – which was pretty often.


  4. Ah, do enjoy that beach. . .say hi to the seals . Where is that ferry headed? I thought you had a bridge there? ARe there a lot of little islands ilke the pacific coast? I should know this right?


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