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  1. I see you are learning a lot with your new camera–Bravo!!! Wonderful shots. My husband is learning ours, and I am just thrilled. My day will come! But I’m in a different season right now–as it should be.I have to tell you something so neat: When we thought about moving up here, we counted the cost of all the things we’d leave behind, and we looked forward to all that was calling us to do with planting a new church and forming new relationships up here. And we were really looking forward to that. But we barely thought of what a neat place it was we were moving to! Lake MIchigan is endlessly beautiful and always changing, and being near a beach is like being on vacation all summer long. It feels like such an unexpected blessing! What a gift.I envy you the warm water though. It’s quite chilly here, but very pleasant if you float on a raft, just out of the water.~Jeanne


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