endless gifts, summer

sweet summer . .

Every morning, while the coffee perks, Sophie, Jack and I take a little walk around the property.

It’s a perfect time for a  stroll.

Soft summer scents fill the air.

The birds are  trying to outdo each other in morning songs.

The ordinary looks magical in the early morning light …

Every day there is something new to discover …

This little flower is growing among my hostas – I think it may be a weed but isn’t it lovely?

I take a few moments to dig a few new potatoes, beets and carrots,

and gather a basket of green and yellow beans  and sugar snap peas.

Perfect for a summer barbeque.

I wish for you, my friends, sweet summer joy today.


11 thoughts on “sweet summer . .

  1. What great pics you are taking! My mouth is just watering now for some fresh picked veggies! I love your little weed flower. I wish my weeds looked that lovely!


  2. Home Again says:

    Thank-you for sharing the beauty of your gardening.Last night I had my little man over and we dug our first fresh potatoes.Yummy. (It’s called our Veggie Tale Garden.I have not gardened in 15 years and am starting again and loving it.Great photo shots.


  3. One man’s weed is another man’s flower!Beautiful gardens and that chard is gorgeous red!I think I want my kitchen walls to be that color red.Jody


  4. Surely that beautiful little purple flower is not a weed!?All of your photos are so sharp and clear….very beautiful. I especially like the bright green of the tomato, enhanced by the water drops.


  5. I do think your lovely purple flower is a weed. I have some of them myself but I let them stay just because they are so lovely. I agree with Tonia. Who cares if they are weeds? Come to think of it, who decides which ones are weeds?


  6. Lorna says:

    Kathie – Your garden looks lovely. We are fighting with a groundhog for our produce!!!! Sometimes we get PEI potatoes here and I want to tell whoever is near me that I used to live where these potatoes are from. Enjoy!!!!


  7. Now all you need is a little child blowing that dandelion. . I aim to take a pic like that soon.Oh .. and you have beet leaves. . fantastic. You need a ham hock and then you can make some summer borscht. . oh yum. Your garden looks wonderful. .just beautiful. It always amazes me how much I love the look of rain on something, anything but me.


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