endless gifts, friends, Island Life, summer

off we go . . .

exploring back roads

discovering hideaways

stumbling upon hidden coves

Miles and miles of  surf and sand.

And ….

something I’ve never seen before on our Island beaches!

Was he blown way off course in a tropical storm?

Or just trying out a few Northern Hemisphere rays?

A sun-bathing parrot!

That’s a first …


13 thoughts on “off we go . . .

  1. He could be an escaped pet. I saw one on the telephone lines on my way home from work, and we live in Pennsylvania. About a week later I saw a reward notice at a local grocery store.


  2. If you can take a break from all the local gallivanting, head over to my blog and see the ANNE hat in action! I posted pictures and story and promotion for the 100th year anniversary of Anne of Green Gables today.http://jillthinksdifferent.blogspot.com/2008/08/gifts-in-mail-or-kindred-spirits-in.htmlThanks again for declaring me the grand prize winner of your contest, and for sending me the sweet gifts. Now is only there was a way I could drink the tea and wear the hat WITH you in PEI.Dreams have a way of coming true…you just never know…maybe some day!


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