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Lessons from my mother

My mother taught me many things for which I will always be grateful.

I especially appreciate her cardinal rule of summer.

“When the sun shines, go to the beach.” Robbie (6 mos.) trying on Nan’s beach hat.

Here she is in 1982,  passing on the rules to the next generation.

My mother taught me this rule so well

that I actually feel guilty when the sun is shining

and I don’t  go to the beach.

Thanks Mom – I love it!

However, the weather this last 2 or so weeks has proved a challenge even to this loyal daughter.

This is what our weather has been like – all in the course of a day.

Scattered showersCloudy with clear breaksCloudy with showersScattered showersScattered showersScattered showersCloudy with showersCloudy with clear breaks

However, I don’t let this moody weather get in the way of obeying my mother.

The moment there is the slightest break in the clouds

I grab my “always packed and ready to go” beach bag (another mom rule)

and I’m off.

In 7 minutes flat

this is where you’ll find me.

And, even if  a certain beach buddy, (who will remain unnamed),

chooses to go “off the island”,

(tsk, tsk ,  breaking another one of mom’s rule – “never leave the Island in the summer”)

then I will find a substitute beach buddy to join me

She’s not much for swimming although she likes to splash about in the shallows

and she won’t use a towel, preferring to stand by my chair and shake violently in order to get dry…

but she’s always happy to join me. My mom would have loved her.

You may have noticed that a lot of my summer posts have to do with

  • the sea
  • the beach
  • swimming
  • floating
  • kayaking
  • tide pools
  • shells

It’s hard for me to fathom


if you’re not a beach lover,

you might possibly find it boring.

Don’t blame me …

It’s all my mother’s fault

 I’m just being a good girl.


18 thoughts on “Lessons from my mother

  1. I grew up three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, and my mom made a point of all of us being at the beach every summer day. I think back: the house was always clean and neat, dinners were always tasty, but I don’t remember much about her doing housework…just sitting on the beach with a magazine and a friend while we kids romped in the surf.Beachy moms are the BEST! And you mom was such a wise woman: Pleasure first…work later. Work won’t go away; it will be there waiting after all the fun, but often the fun is not to be found when it is delayed because of mundane housework.


  2. Margaret Cloud says:

    I love the beach, we live by Lake Michigan and the beach and water in the summer is fantastic. Our lake is so big you can’t see the other side which is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Just stopping by to say Hi.


  3. I LOVE the beach and only wish I had one. However, I’m landlocked on the prairie. Even a lake beach works for me.Your pictures are stellar!!!!!! That sky!! That sweet doggie!Jody


  4. Ah .. .the beach is the perfect place to be. . Our cousins will be honeymooning in PEI. The grooms dad was born in PEI and they often visit. . I can’t imagine a more beautiful spot to go this time of year. If you see the couple in my last post. . .give them a wave . . .


  5. Kathie–You and your mother are an inspiration to me, now that we live near a beach.It would be nice if we could go and just walk on the sand sometimes… but the younger three always end up soaked–whether I brought a beach towel for them or not!~Jeanne


  6. Home Again says:

    I love this post. Beaching is so fantastic… Lately I’ve been looking at mountains and you know what?I can pack a lunch for two in almost 7 minutes flat and clear my schedule to join my wonderful daughters.Anytime! Anywhere!


  7. I know you love the beach as much as I do, but I suspect you’re a bit closer and can get there more quickly on a summer’s day!Your Mom sounds like she was a very wise lady.As always, your photos are delightful!xo


  8. I’m not a beach lover. The sun and the heat makes me feel dizzy and disoriented! But I’ve learned to go out when the weather is good: To sit on the front deck or in the garden swig under the apple trees and enjoy my coffee (which tastes SO much better outside!).And in Finland it’s a sort of a rule, too: Don’t leave Finland in the summer! Enjoy the short summer and if you want to go south, do it during the long, dark winter (or the nasty, wet end part of autumn).


  9. Oh, I like your mother! My mother took me to the beach a lot too, and I remember such happy, peaceful times! (My mom has a saying I like – not about the beach, about chocolate – she says "Do the best you can, then go eat chocolate!"


  10. Islandsparrow says:

    Lorna – I think I might even get him to come down to those rocks – he can bring a chair – read his Civil War book – and he won’t even get sand in his shoes…I’ll let you know if I’m successful 🙂


  11. Lorna says:

    Kathie – You learned well from your Mom , and thankfully you married someone who loves the beach like you do :.) How nice to be able to arrive at the beach so quickly … It takes us close to two hours!!! Cute picture, Robbie!


  12. Islandsparrow says:

    Ellen – that’s Robbie, my second son, around 6 mos old. He’s wearing Nana’s beach hat. yes the folding chair is always in my trunk. Pam – I’m glad you had a chance to visit our beaches – north or south side? Is your blog public? I’s love to see your pictures.


  13. How I love the beach too. As a matter of fact, one of your lovely beaches on PEI now graces my blog site. Reminds me of my trek there and fondness for your beaches. I’d be out there every chance I got too. Your mother sounds like a smart lady, indeed.


  14. Ahh what a sweet photo of your mom and your daughter? You are one of the best Beach girls I know!! I love all the photos. So is that folding chair always in your trunk, too?


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