7 thoughts on “gathering

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Lovella – I hope you get some sun and warmth – we’ve had a very rainy August -one perfect weekend and then mostly cloudy – when I took that picture we were having one of our frequent breaks in the clouds – then the clouds closed over and more rain – we’ve had 3 times the amount of rain as normal. But it’s still warm. Hopefully Sept will be nicer.Jeanne – they grow wild here – along the roads and in the fields. They are a cheery little flower.Some people grow them in their gardens. But I think the centers of the garden variety are black – I’m going to investigate! 🙂


  2. I’ve only heard of black-eyed Susans–even when they’re brown. I have many of them here at our new house–what a nice surprise!!!I like the sound if their other name, too–rubeckia.~Jeanne


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Isn’t it a lovely scene Ellen? The sky was so soft and blue – I tried to get down low so that I could get it into the picture with the flowers.Jody – I’ve heard a number of people call them black-eyed susans – I wonder if there is a difference? because these are really brown – not black. I’ll have to look it up.Susannne – they were my mother’s favourite wildflower – she would always stop the car and pick them – she had a sweet little gold/brown/orange jug to put them in.


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