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for those of you who were wondering about the flooded state of our garden

and the hoped-for harvest,

do not worry!

Last evening’s garden supper – barbequed chicken, green and yellow beans, fresh tomatoes, sweetest of sweet carrots, new potatoes and home-made mustard pickles – with butter, freshly ground pepper and sea-salt.

(mmm mm – I’m getting hungry looking at that picture 🙂

Prince Edward Island’s soil is of “fine sandy loam texture, is mainly well drained, and is highly suitable for the production of a wide range of crops, including potatoes.” 1 The floods sink into the ground and apparently do no harm – at least to the veggies. Our grain crops could use the sun. The farmers need sun to harvest our potatoes too.

A sunny day is predicted for tomorrow but rain seems to be dominating the forecast with phrases like  “variable cloudiness”, “light rain showers”, ” chance of showers”, ” heavy rain”, “rainy with cloudy periods” or “cloudy with rainy periods”.

But yesterday was a first!

I read something I’ve never read before in a weather forecast .

Cloudy periods
Distant Precipitation

The Guardian must be running out of words to describe our water-logged days

but what exactly does it mean??

It made me smile.

Yes, our garden is faring well, we are eating well and I make the most of every break in the clouds.

Late  yesterday, the sun finally broke through. Everything shone!  I didn’t want to miss a moment of the light, so I carried my harp out on the deck for my after supper practice time.

It’s so peaceful to play outside. The sun is setting, flooding the clouds with golden light and the birds are calling to one another in the trees.

The harp has such an incredibly clear, sweet sound in the still evening air.

And when night settles in?

It’s time to gather in the kitchen to chat over the day with a good, hot cup of tea.

Now…if only  you could join me.


10 thoughts on “Especially

  1. Home Again says:

    I was on a bike ride last weekend in Vancouver, and I saw someone playing the harp on the beach in Stanley Park.It was so amazing and I thought of you, and here you bring your harp outside.How soothing.


  2. Ah your fresh garden produce looks wonderful. I haven’t heard that description of a forecast here either. . we have plenty of reason for them to come up with a fresh term for rain. They dont’ mean Hanna coming up the coast do they? That would be distant.Did I know you play the harp? . .my brother does too. . looks very similar. . would love to sit on your porch and hear you play.


  3. It would be fun to be your neighbor and hear the harp strings playing in the breeze…You just made me really hungry as I’m waiting for Dear so we can have our dinner! Yummy bounty…


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