autumn, Island Life

just a little . . .

September sadness going on.

I have to say goodbye  to this …

Not that I dislike autumn.

It’s a stunningly beautiful time of year on the Island.

The hazy, soft, somnolence of summer disappears.

The sky turns to deep, endless blue,

the evenings shine  with a wonderful, rich, golden radiance,

and the autumn sunset?

a breath-taking performance – vivid and extravagant.

October ushers in the changing of the leaves –

like an artist has gone wild with his palette

gold ochre, burnt sienna, vermilion red,

chocolate brown, burgundy, saffron.

Oh, and the air …

I wish I could bottle it for you.

It’s like an energizing tonic – crisp and exhilarating.

I do love autumn


you’ll have to excuse me

if I’m a bit melancholy …

summer and I are such good friends

It’s hard to say goodbye.


11 thoughts on “just a little . . .

  1. I know – me too. The calendar/journal that I use to keep track of my life has a wonderful quote on this week’s page: "Everything in life, I have come to conclude, is about 15 minutes too long. Except for summer — summer never begins early enough and always ends too soon" – Peter Gzowski (1934-2002 – remember him?)We’re having a wonderful interlude of Indian summer and I’m wishing it would go on for about another month – or two!(Thanks for dropping by my blog btw 🙂


  2. We missed out on our one-week-each-year at the lake in the North Woods of Wisconsin and I feel absolutely bereft of summer already without my slow week of lake and its summer farewell. This year I must find my restoration in the beauty of the autumn–it’s sights and smells.


  3. Home Again says:

    I hear you, but we don’t have that warm water, so I have to wait two more months till I enjoy real warm water.I can just see you squeezing out every drop.I’ve been squeezing out as many bike rides as I can.It can’t get better than this.


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