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changes . . .

we had a little sadness over the summer.

our dear cat, Jack, passed away.

Sarah was particularly sad. Jack was her special pet. 

He even ran to meet her at the bus every afternoon when she came home from school.

A few days ago, two new kitties joined the household 


their sweet little faces have taken away a bit of the sting.

Meet Lily

and her brother, Little Jack 

Our cats are family pets, but they also earn their keep by keeping down the mice in the barn.

We always like to have two so that they will be company for one another.

These two new kitties’ personalities are already quite distinct.

Lily shows signs of being a grand mouser already. 

She’s full of energy and bounce. 

She definitely dominates her brother.

Little Jack seems to have taken after his namesake – he’s laid-back and more relaxed.

A little shy and timid,

 he seems happy to let his sister take the lead in exploring the new digs.

Aren’t they cute?

On a related topic, we have a new program underway.

It’s called

“Getting The Kittens Used To Sophie”

So far?

Not so good …

I’ll keep you posted on the progress …

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just before I sign off, I  wanted to say thank you for stopping in to visit.

I look forward to your friendly comments

and I enjoy dropping in to see you on your blogs.

It’s amazing to me, 

after almost 2 years of blogging, 

that I have met so many lovely, lovely people

from all around the world.

I’m thankful for you.

You’ve been a very sweet blessing.



18 thoughts on “changes . . .

  1. Kathie, I’m so sorry about your beloved Jack. We’ve been there, too. 😦 But those kitties are darling, and I hope they will bring you much joy.I like your new background, too! And thank *you* for being a great hostess. I always love your photos and posts and all of the good things you share here. Your spot on earth is absolutely lovely.Blessings to you,Susan


  2. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! Just thought I’d tell you that – and also that I’ve enjoyed your blog the last couple of years and think of you way over there on the other side of the country – you’ll soon be enjoying the gorgeous colors.


  3. OH!!! So sorry to hear about big Jack. :S It is so sad. Your two little kittens look delightful! Gorgeous! It makes me want to go and get another catty. Maybe I could get one…to kill the mice, of course. If only we had mice. :S Hope all your cattys get on well soon.


  4. Home Again says:

    I love your new backdrop. It’s fall and how could we be so lucky as to use the same Title.Bless you and we have weather for swimming today. Come take a dip.


  5. Oh you are going to have a faithful orange cat at your house too! Orange is just the best! Except you can’t really say that when you also have a darling gray cat too. This is so fun; you’ve got a pair of kitties the same colors as my Tiggie and Hart! And Golden and Shade! (Tiggie’s blog pals on his side bar)Maybe they should be allowed to blog like Tiggie is….it is always interesting to hear what cats are thinking.


  6. I am so sorry about Jack’s passing. It is hard losing a member of the family…felines and canines included. Lily and Little Jack are really cute! Kittens are so much fun to watch.By the way, I usually read your blog in my reader so I hadn’t been here "in real life" for a while. I love the new look! Very seasonally appropriate!


  7. Oh, so sorry to hear about Jack’s passing. We lost our George over a year ago and I still miss him. Thought of him just today.Young Jack reminds me of a cat we once had–Henry. He was that lovely rosy color like your young Jack. He had a brother that we named Lloydd. Lloydd required two d’s because he wasn’t very smart. Get it? Lloyd-duh. But we loved him. Henry definitely led him about by the nose.It’s fun having sibling kitties.


  8. joanna in ca. says:

    LOL!!!!! That last picture is hilarious. I’m still laughing.On a more sober note, I’m very sorry about Jack. Our cat Wiley died a few months ago as well. I can’t remember his age but he was at least 12 years old. We still had 3 other cats but they were nowhere near his age.In July my son and I drove to the store and on the way home we saw a woman by the side of the road giving something away. I shouldn’t have stopped-it was kittens. She had 3 of them. Sucker that I am we took 2, Isabella (Izzy) and Riley Greyce (she’s gray.) Add them to the other 3 and, well….let’s just say I love cats. LOL.Your kitties are very sweet. I hope they "warm up" to Sophie soon-LOL. 🙂


  9. Kathie,They are so adorable! I’m so sorry for the loss of Jack. Our pets do become part of our families, don’t they! Our Vincent really doesn’t earn his keep here though. He’s not a hunter much at all!xo


  10. Ah Kathie. . tis a sad time when the pets pass away. I’ve been hankering for a new puppy too . to replace Otis and Indee. . but my farmer wants to wait unitl next year. We’ve also talked about putting kitties in the barn for keep the mouses away. . but that hasn’t happed either.OH. .but your kitties are so cute. I love them and expect we’ll see much more of them.


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