Projects . . .

It’s a beautiful day here on the Island – sunny and warm. 

We have lots of projects happening around here today.

  • Painting – house and deck – just about finished. New shutters and window boxes almost ready to go on. I’m glad to see the sun –  the painting was started in July… 
  • Pickles – A double batch of diced cucumbers and onions are on the counter waiting to be cooked in a sweet mustard sauce – mmm mm – recipe here   I hope to have a picture of a shining row of bright yelow mustard pickles for you later today.
  • Project  –  “Get Used to Sophie”  – this is ongoing. We made a little progress yesterday.  I decided to try a more indirect approach since the last attempt to make friends ended up with kittens hanging from the tree.

     I let them get used to one another through the porch door.  

Sophie is not happy. She loves to be outside. Note the injured look.


 Kittens move in to investigate –  Is this creature safe?

 The intrepid Lily gets even closer.

I’m planning to try stage 2 today – letting them all out together.

I’ll report back later with all my project updates.

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely September day!


9 thoughts on “Projects . . .

  1. We always had barn cats when I was growing up–now my husband is allergic to cats, and I miss them! The new family members look so sweet. We had two with very similar markings, a boy named named Scutterbotch and girl named Persephone. (I had just fallen in love with D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths!)Can’t wait to see/hear how your projects turned out, too!Also, I loved your sweet thank-you in the last post–and want to say thank YOU for your comments, prayers and encouragement. I count you as one of my "special friends" in the blogosphere!Love–Jeanne


  2. oh my goodness those pictures! those little kitty backs….how sweet!!!i am loving the new look here, k, and all the little changes. (did you know i like brown? *grin*)i promise, promise to get you an email this weekend. thinking of you with love.t


  3. I love your new fall look. Beautiful!Painting. Sigh. That is an ongoing project around here. It never seems to end. Can you believe I have never in my life had a mustard pickle?


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