Satisfaction …

30 bottles of mustard pickles  – displayed on the kitchen stove.

A kind offer from DH: “I’ll carry them down to the basement for you”

The reply: “Thanks sweetie, but not just yet … I want to admire them for a few days.”

and take a picture for my blog, of course.

I’ve enjoyed an unexpected benefit in my blog photography,

domestic inspiration

There is just something a little more fun about culinary endeavors

when I know that I am sharing them with my bloggy friends.

Not to mention far-flung family who ask for pickles – recipes 🙂

And do you notice how quickly you clean up the spills? and that annoying clutter?

The mustard -stained dishcloth doesn’t add one thing to the presentation.

My beloved is catching on to blog protocol.

Like today …

I was taking some pictures of Lily, our new kitten, and Sophie for the “Sophie Project”. Little Jack didn’t get to be part of the photoshoot. He still won’t go near Sophie

Pet photography is a challenge, to say the least.

There’s no time to set things up  – you just have to  be ready to catch that sudden hiss and  swipe of the paw.

Well, Roger was watching.

He took one look at the setting and then proceeded to get rid of  background clutter.

“I feel like my life is becoming a blog post,” he said, with a smile.

But I don’t think he minds too much.

He even likes the occasional picture taken of woodpiles, gardens, tractors and trout.

“Perhaps you’d like a picture of that for your blog ” he says with a little grin.

Neatly stacked woodpiles and shining rows of home-made mustard pickles.

Domestic art 🙂

I found even more domestic inspiration  at the library last weekend.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity – stitching, baking, nature, art and the comforts of home.

An engaging book with gorgeous photos.

Author, Jane Brocket, has a blog – yarnstorm – bright and colourful, covering all things domestic

A favourite subject of mine.

Well …

we’ll be moving the mustard pickles down to the basement shelves today.

Cooler weather is setting in,

I saw the first streaks of red on the maples yesterday,

and the days that I can display domestic accomplishments

on our kitchen woodstove

are definitely numbered.

But I don’t mind

A fire burning in the woodstove is one of the the coziest domestic scenes of all.

and I’m looking forward to it.

13 thoughts on “of domestic matters . . .

  1. Jill says:

    Lovely post, Kathie. (Actually, I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog and all your posts…you have such a warm presentation.)I’m with Roger…sometimes I feel like my whole life is a blog post.XO


  2. Your husband is so cute. I’m so pleased that mine is my biggest blogging fan!And I am so impressed with your domesticity. I can almost taste those pickles!!!There is a surprise for you–and a tag–at my place today….~Jeanne


  3. lovella says:

    I love this post. . .oh you pickles are wonderful. . .I showed your collage to my beloved. . to show him he is not alone in the bloggy support role. . .


  4. Jody says:

    There’s just something wonderful about admiring your hard work out there in the wide open where everyone can see it, even if it is only for a few days, then it’s down to the canning cupboards. Good work Kathie! I’m about to set to work on more apples my dad sent home. Wonderful for pies and many good for eating "as is."I have "The Gentle Art" too and love it! I only wish I knitted.One of my sons has a saying now, "Your children may move away but the blog lives on FOREVER!" Jody


  5. Of course you had to kee them a few days for eye candies :-)I love that!


  6. Willow says:

    I had to grin about how your hubby contributes to your blog. Mine has been doing the same thing! Only he sometimes calls it ‘enabling’.I have been following yarnstorm’s blog since I started blogging! I’m so pleased that the libraries are buying copies of her book. I’m hoping my local library will, too.


  7. Home Again says:

    I love your wonderful insight into your hubbies life. He looks like he is so proud to be your man. I used to always leave my canning on the counter just so that it looked like I had accomplished something.


  8. Susanne says:

    Your hubby cracks me up! He’s catching on! LOL.Those mustard pickles look wonderful and they do make a wonderfully colorful picture for the blog!


  9. Islandsparrow says:

    Hi Joanna – yes I have been to Susan’s blog – it’s wonderful!Hey Lorna!! Looking forward to seeing you in Oct – hopefully we’ll have blue skies and gorgeous leaves!Ellen -I’ll teach you to make mustard pickles and you teach me how to make some of those wonderful Russian delicacies! I guess our husbands figure if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em 🙂


  10. ellen b says:

    Boy I sure can relate. Not that I’ve ever canned anything but the whole blog post scenario. Dear has caught on too. Have a wonderful week!


  11. Deb says:

    Hi Kathie ~ What a wonderful post!! The collage is excellent! Your husband sounds exactly like my husband who says, "I can see a blog post coming!" Your pickles look delish! Thank you so much for your recent comments on our blog. I’m trying to gradually get back to the blog. I hope I can post again soon.


  12. Lorna says:

    Hey Roger … Nice pictures. Kathie – the pickles look SO good – Jeremy’s favorite. I think Mom is making him some 🙂 October is coming quickly!!! Love to all …


  13. joanna in ca. says:

    I just bought the book you mentioned above because of a new favorite blog- (she lives on Oregon, in case she’s new to you)I started reading it just a few days ago and so far I love it.Love those photos of your hubby-he’s a blog natural! 🙂


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