progress . . .

It’s a gorgeous day here on the Island. After all that rain, the bright blue sky and warm sunshine is a welcome sight.

I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven and a ham bubbling on the stove. I should be out in the garden with all this sunshine but cookies are needed for a certain university student’s lunchbox.

The kittens are out on the deck, chasing and pouncing on one another – they look like they are really enjoying themselves.

That is, until I let Sophie out …

 Jack disappears in a flash and Lily scoots behind the deck chair.

Sophie is following orders – “Lay down!”

Isn’t she good?


A little later, Lily is brave enough to go face to face.

Sophie is still listening.

But it’s hard on her. She wants to play. You can’t see it, but her tail is wagging as fast as windshield wipers on high speed.

Finally, she can’t stand it and breaks loose, bounding down the porch steps.

Will this little kitty play?

 Apparently, not yet …

Perhaps you’re wondering how Sophie and  Little Jack are getting on?

‘nuff said.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


6 thoughts on “progress . . .

  1. Just did a little catch-up viewing of your blog. Ah, new kittens! They are always such fun….and so cute. Looks like they know how to hold their own! Poor Sophie is outnumbered. I guess she knows to stay away from those sharp little claws. For her sake, I hope they all become friends very soon.


  2. joanna in ca. says:

    ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!This is seriously hilarious. I had to wipe tears from my eyes.I even called hubby over to read him the captions and show him the pictures.Keep those Sophie chronicles coming!!Hee…..hee…..


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