all craftsy people.

I need your help…

Our garage was commandeered a few weeks ago by our church’s mission team. They are planning a trip to Guatemala in October and, as a fundraiser, they are participating in the annual 70 Mile Yard Sale.They have been using the garage as their storage spot for the last few weeks and I’ve been doing a little “browsing” before the big yardsale day.

I’ve been debating about these two little chairs.

What would you do with them? Paint? Tole paint?

We have a fireplace in our computer room/study and I thought they might look good on either side – maybe with a couple of Sarah’s old dolls or teddies.

But I am NOT craftsy at all.

Would it be hard? Any suggestions?

There’s actually a table that goes with them but I can’t think of a spot for it.

I know there are a ton of creative and craftsy people out there.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks ahead of time – I know you’ll come through!


9 thoughts on “calling

  1. Looking at the chairs, I think I would paint the chairs cream and add an accent color, maybe green along the edges (including where the handle is) and get a simple heart stencil or something quaint and stencil a simple design in the middle of the back of the chair or even in the seat.The other thing you could do is sand or remove the blue paint and paint it green and accent it with a different shade of green with a simple stenciled design. They do make a nice pair for accenting a stove or fireplace. I like your idea of a doll, maybe in one and maybe the books on the other. 🙂


  2. i vote with lovella for black or cream. black is what i would do, i think. and then i would put those books kim suggested on them. very cute!happy birthday to sarah!! you are officially done with *children* now….are you okay?t


  3. Some day you may have grandchildren and they’d be perfect for them to sit on by the fireplace or in front of a window. Since I love blue so much, I’d make sure they stayed blue in some shade. The idea of painting them black also sounds good. I’d not take away from the ‘lines’ and simplicity of the chairs by making them too ‘frilly’ with the tole painting.


  4. Islandsparrow says:

    Good ideas girls – I like the book idea Kim. I have enough of them laying around in various piles.Thanks Lovella! Now the only thing about the blue showing through – my room is green – perhaps it wouldn’t matter. a little blue in a green room?


  5. Well, I think they would do really well either painted satin black or cream color .. and then sanded on the edges to reveal the color underneath. That would give you a shabby chic look . . or even sand them a bit leaving the blue and then finishing with a coat of clear satin. Anything hand crafted is worth keeping. . .even if it’s by the back door to sit down on to put your shoes on.When we moved to the farm, I found an old little bench .. .didn’t smell too good but I took it and scrubbed it and it sits by our back door …I’ll post it soon for you to see.


  6. Like Ellen, II like them just the way they are! If you paint them, it’s possible they might lose their charm. I like the idea of having them flank the fireplace. If I had them (and if I had a fireplace!) I’d probably put books on them! : D


  7. I want to fly to PEI for that 70 mile yard sale! Yikes how cool would that be. And so sorry I’m so craft challenged I can’t help you with paint ideas etc. But I think the chairs are great. I even like them weathered just the way they are…


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