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18 years ago . . .

our family was blessed with a little girl.

click to enlargeDolls, ribbons, tea parties, baking, frilly dresses, mothering every stray barn kitten she found ~  all the sweetness of a little girl. She added a  feminine touch to the rough and tumble household of brothers. But, she can hold her own with them as well  – the brothers would be quick to tell you that 🙂

A few days ago Sarah noted something interesting about her life

  1. she was born in 1990
  2. those numbers 1+9+9+0 add up to 19
  3. she was born in the 9th month
  4. on the 19th day
  5. she weighed 9 lbs
  6. her name begins with S which is the 19th letter of the alphabet
  7. her full name is Sarah Kathryn MacPhee – count them yet? 19 letters
  8. she was born at 9 minutes to 2
  9. and today she is 18 a multiple of 9

As she says “It’s a little freaky!”

We’ll be having the family and friends in tonight to celebrate the big day – all kinds of appetizers, munchies and of course, DQ cake.

I took a quick picture of the B-day girl before she headed off to work. She was just hired as a Jr Care Worker at the Senior’s Residence in our community. She is earning money to go to a YWAM discipleship training school in January.

Sarah in her new scrubs with her new kittens.

She wasn’t sure if she would like working with elderly people but came home after the first day saying “I love the residents, Mom. They are so sweet!”

And the residents love her.

And so do we!

Happiest of  Birthdays Sarah!


12 thoughts on “18 years ago . . .

  1. Belated birthday blessings to your dear Sarah! What a wonderful first job.I can’t imagine how you must feel, Kathie, with your youngest turning 18… Glad I have 15 more years before that happens!(Although I have only 4 months before my oldest arrives at that mark!):)Jeanne


  2. Our children grow so quickly! My oldest turned 20 this past January and my second oldest, 19 this past June…seems hard to believe!A very happy and blessed Birthday to your Sarah!


  3. Finally a break from work, so I’m catching up with the blog reading. Congrats on everything! Kittens and birthdays and what else… And the autumn blue… I know. Seeing the birds gathering together for the move makes me want to cry 😦


  4. A very happy birthday on this ‘magical’ day! God’s Blessings to you for working with and loving the elderly residents. They have so much wisdom to give you if you take the time to listen.


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