Aunt Winnie’s treasures . .

A beautiful day …

Perfect for drying the wedding quilt that my aunt made for me.

My aunt was one of the “salt of the earth” Island farm women.

She ran her household, making huge farm meals every single day for the family and the farm-hands who helped my uncle run his mixed farming operation.

She looked after my uncle’s mother until she died.

She managed the henhouse and sold the eggs.

She tended a huge garden and canned all their food – I can remember, as a child, being amazed that she and my uncle never, not even once, ate any food that came out of a  can purchased at a store – no soup, beans, or my childhood favourite “Heinz spaghetti”. (rest assured – my tastes have changed 🙂

Her flower gardens were amazing – a display of all the sweet old-fashioned flowers surrounding their  farmhouse with a riot of colour from spring through to  fall.

And home crafts? The floors were scattered with brightly braided rugs and every bed in the old-farmhouse was covered with pretty quilts  – all handmade.

I remember, almost 32 years ago, when she gave Roger and me our wedding present.

She said, almost apologetically,

“I hope you don’t mind old-fashioned things.”

Mind? What do you think?


I wish I could stay home and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine but I’m off to town for a doctor’s appointment and errands.

Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Have a wonderful day my friends!


11 thoughts on “Aunt Winnie’s treasures . .

  1. Oops, posted on this earlier but forgot to confirm my post (I do that often!).What I said before was that I am (truly) inspired by your Aunt Winnie. What a woman! And what a treasure she gave you in that beautiful gift of a quilt. You have been blessed, Kathie! I’m glad you shared this.Susan


  2. I love your description of your Aunt….and her comment about "old fashioned things" made me a little sad. I do hope she knew just how precious and loving and valuable all the "old-fashioned things" she made and did were in truth. Real treasures and jewels even though they might not have been the latest fashion.


  3. I am blessed to own two quilts that have been passed down to me–I believe they were both made by my grandma’s aunt. (Can’t believe I can’t remember about the one! I thought I’d never forget when my grandma gave it to me about 15 years ago.) One of them reminds me of yours, only it’s a pink, brown and white color scheme.What a treasure to enjoy!~Jeanne


  4. What a beautiful treasure Aunt Winnie bestowed. She is one of those women I would call "my hero." Won’t her rewards be great? Loved this post.Sunny and HOT here today, but I know it can’t last long. Still, nice for hanging out the laundry.Jody


  5. What a beautiful treasure from your Aunt Winnie! Blessings.News from Southern California would be IF THE SUN WASN’T SHINING! :0)I’m headed to the part of the world where the sun doesn’t peak through some days…


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