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library, laundry and sundries . . .

Excellent Women by Barabara Pym

Quietly funny  – thanks t!

A Guide To Green Housekeeping by Christina Strutt

Just starting this one. It looks promising – gorgeous pictures and full of practical tips for a simpler lifestyle.

Practical tip for the day – clothesline drying – economical and therapeutic. Note my little helper 🙂

I can hardly wait to crawl under the sheets tonight. The scent of sunshine and fresh air – so sweet!


7 thoughts on “library, laundry and sundries . . .

  1. Kathie, I’m a Barbara Pym fan. I’ve read Excellent Women, A Glass of Blessings (just recently), and one other…uh…uh… ? I really want to read her "autobiography" (taken from her personal writings). I love the look of that green housekeeping book you have posted– I’ll definitely check into it (thanks!). Love my clothesline, too, but our cat has never ventured to help me. :-)Enjoy your day,Susan


  2. Pretty, pretty pictures!I hang all my laundry out to dry. I’m thinking of giving it a try this winter, too, like the Amish do. I think it will be a bit of touch and go before I figure out which days are best for drying. Good thing I have the dryer as a back up.Thank you for the book recommendation on green cleaning. I’m all for practical tips on housekeeping.XO


  3. I wonder how many people have never slept under the sheets that have been kissed by the sun and gently softened by the wind .. .there is nothing like it . . .good night!!


  4. I miss hanging out my sheets to dry. Where we live, the only sunny spot in the entire yard is right in the front yard and even if I tried to hang them elsewhere on a windy day, we have so many huge trees that drop all manner of dirty stuff all year round that by the time I brought them in from the line, the sheets would need laundering again!


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